Brett R Mello

Healthcare Executive / Chief Information Officer

With over twenty years of achievement across a diverse array of  industries, I specialize in building consensus around and harnessing technology to elevate productivity, refine quality standards, and bolster financial performance.  Experienced at crafting innovative business concepts and solutions while facilitating transitioning operations with a high level of compassion and ethics. Leading teams through all phases of solution delivery and adoption, I prioritize building robust partnerships, nurturing engagement, and cultivating trust to consistently deliver exceptional results.

What I Deliver

  • Improved IT Performance & Solution Delivery
  • World-Class Customer Service & Response Times
  • Innovative & Comprehensive Solutions
  • Cost Containment & Greater ROI
  • Secure, Reliable, & Fast Systems
  • High Level of Engagement & Transparency


Strategic Planning (Dept. / Corporate)
Technology Development & Adoption
Organizational Development / Turn Around Specialist
System Integration
Quality & Process Improvement (Lean Six Sigma)
Negotiation & Deal Structuring
Communication & Education
Relationship & Team Building (DiSC® instructor)
Budget Management

Let's work together.

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