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I am a nurse leader having had the privilege of working with Mr. Mello from 2020-2021 when he joined our team to serve as Chief Information Officer.  As Director of Surgical Services, the technology utilized in my departments gave me opportunity to work with Brett frequently.

Brett is an exemplary leader who is approachable and respectful.  One of the challenges of bridging Information Technology (IT) and nursing is that we do not speak the same language.  Brett always listened intently as I described a situation and he communicated in common vocabulary.  IT can be quite intimidating to a clinician and Brett’s leadership made that a comfortable bridge.

Brett is an experienced leader with a focus on the security of information systems.  Upon his initial assessment of the opportunities for our organization, he went to work improving our safety and security by implementing routine maintenance activities, identifying our downtime capabilities, and ensuring critical equipment was serving our needs.  Brett created educational activities that sharpened our fraud identification skills, heightened our online awareness, and improved our behaviors as users.

You would be well-served to invite Brett Mello into your organization.  He is a thoughtful leader who carries his strength in a kind, calm disposition.  It would be a pleasure to have another opportunity to work with Brett.

Dawn P. Tyrrell, MSN, RN, CNOR, CSSM (formerly with WhidbeyHealth)


It is a great pleasure to recommend Brett Mello.  As Chief information Officer for our health system, his work was an integral part of our Senior Leadership team for seven and a half years.  Brett was a strong and loyal asset to our leadership team and his absence will be missed.  During his tenure, I was impressed by his passion, leadership, and professional demeanor.

As a dedicated and meticulous individual, Brett has the ability to manage a variety of administration tasks efficiently. Some of his key strengths include:

  • IT strategy and technology adoption tactics
  • Delivery of high value and comprehensive solutions
  • Quality and process improvements
  • Organizational development and team building
  • Outstanding corporate ambassador to customers, industry groups, and regulatory bodies
  • Negotiation and deal structuring
  • Governance and planning
  • Turnaround and restructuring
  • System integration
  • Situational analysis and problem solving
  • Adaptability and positive approach to change

In addition, Brett is able to clearly communicate to a diverse array of stakeholders as well as manage face paced, high-pressure work.

Any employer who is fortunate enough to hire Brett will soon realize that he offers a unique skill set that makes him a very valuable and positive part of the organization.

Martin Stallone
Cayuga Health System

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